Movement is a digital platform to manage strategic and creative contributors across channels and disciplines - Email to sign up for beta access currently in development.

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Movement App

The Movement App is exploring the future of how brands orchestrate the development of expansive ideas form their ever growing roster of agencies, internal resources, partner networks and influencer partnerships.


For brands to stay competitive, they need game changing ideas at a very high frequency - tapping into experts in their respective fields is a necessity, but bringing the various parties together to create a holistic strategy proves difficult or inefficient. We believe that when everyone works together toward a common goal, and embraces their strengths and values the insights and talents of others, great things can happen. To truly create a brand movement, the collective needs to become greater than the sum of its parts.

Built from the insights of brand marketers and how they manage a portfolio of agency partners, consultants and service providers, Movement connects all parties into a collaborative environment.

When an idea is shared and you just know it’s right. An idea that lights up the room with excitement, sparking more ideas across disciplines, you know you have something special. Movement is designed to create these moments across all teams of people working to activate big ideas for their brands.

David Coomer
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