The world's most iconic product demo made for a new generation of consumers


The mattress industry is becoming increasingly crowded with startups and imitators using inferior products and creating mass confusion. While contenders peddle foam that falls well short of Tempur-Pedic innovative Tempur Material, they flood the market with false claims with creative approaches to product demos that’s been effective in driving consideration. So we set out to show how the superior engineering of Tempur Material created the best sleep imaginable.


Chief Creative Officer | Director


Cornett | Tempur-Pedic Brand Team


Sure, people research products online and they thoughtfully compare before making a major purchase, and it’s pretty easy to read about how the technology is not even on the same planet. But it’s not enough to tell people there’s a difference - you really have to show it in a way that’s convincing and real. So we kept it real, having fun on set as the entire film crew got in on the action. This highly energetic BTS video series showed real people and real tests of how other mattresses stack up against Tempur Material.


The energy of the spot was designed to connect on an emotional level so our wellness-seeking consumer would feel like this is the right product for them. We didn’t only want to show the technical performance and the superior design but wanted to convey the emotion and essence of what the Tempur-Pedic brand represents. With an imaginative scene to showcase the product, a lively crew and talented personalities, we let viewers get lost in a beautiful behind-the-scenes campaign.


The extremes of the wine glass challenges caught the eye of NBC Reporter, Jeff Rossen, prompting him to attempt his own wine glass test on live television as part of his TODAY investigative segment, Rossen Reports.

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